What does the Archive contain?
The Donald Gee Archive has a wide range of early periodicals, later tapes, books of minutes of the PMU – the Pentecostal Missionary Union – and other matters to do with the British Assemblies of God, Elim and some aspects of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM). The collection of printed material and recordings are presently being arranged in the new Heritage Centre at Mattersey Hall. The materials include:

The Pentecostal Missionary USunderlandnion Minutes
Letters between Alexander Boddy and Jesse Penn Lewis & others
‘Flames of Fire’
‘Redemption Tidings’ 1924-1985
‘Redemption Tidings Ambassador’ 1928-31
‘Latter Rain’ periodical
Documents, sermons and books by William Burton
Tidings New and Old
AOG GB Mission Minutes HMRC/ OMC [cont from PMU]
Smith Wigglesworth’s personal letters
A collection of John Carter’s hand-written sermons
Fountain Trust archives especially concerning the Pentecostal-Catholic dialogues and Charismatic leaders’ conferences
Some of Harold Horton’s personal notes

Digitised material for the following items are online now, free to access, published on the University of South California’s online digital archives.

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